Riello UPS Lithium Battery Solution

UPS and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) powered by lithium battery solutions


  • Extended battery life
  • High temperatures tolerance
  • High energy density
  • Real time monitoring system
  • High number of cycles
  • High rate performance
  • Capacity performance

The Riello UPS lithium battery proposal incorporates several solutions spanning a large number of application requirements that meet the most pressing market demands. This is achieved through a series of products that are characterised by discharging duration time, number of battery cycles and charging / discharging current rate.

The Riello UPS lithium battery proposal is suitable for:

  • Data centers (e.g., co-location, control rooms);
  • Telecom (e.g. fix and mobile operator);
  • Healthcare (e.g., hospitals and medical centers);
  • Building infrastructures (e.g., financial institutions, education centers);
  • Transportation (e.g., railway and airport infrastructure);
  • Manufacturing (e.g., food & beverage industry);
  • Energy storage (e.g., photovoltaic, wind and cogeneration applications, smart grid, and off-grid applications).

Lithium batteries offer all types of facility operators a new set of solutions to help improve their energy storage performance.
Lithium batteries are the ideal solution for all applications requiring a high number of cycles, high rate performance, new concepts of facility operating modes such as “peak shaving” or where there are very limited space and temperature constraints.

The Riello UPS lithium battery solution offers a full proposal that includes:

  • Battery Modules with integrated electronic control;
  • Battery breaker protection;
  • BMS unit;
  • Interconnection power cables between modules;
  • Internal cabinet communication cables;
  • External communication cable for data exchange between the BMS unit and Riello UPS or Riello Solartech system.

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